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Complex cloud architecture is finally causing budgetary pain

Multicloud complexity is moving from a theoretical cloud architecture problem to a financial one, and businesses are suddenly searching for solutions.

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What is an API? Application programming interfaces explained

Developers use application programming interfaces to hide complexity, organize code, and design reusable components. Here’s what you need to know about APIs.

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Deno tees up easy NPM imports, speed boosts

Upcoming HTTP server is the fastest JavaScript web server ever built, the project’s developers claim.


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Microsoft Dev Box cloud-based workstations enter public preview

Windows-based developer workstations on Azure can be accessed via browser or Remote Desktop and managed centrally through Windows 365 and Endpoint Manager.

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168极速赛车 现场实时开奖视频、在线查询开奖历史结果、现场开奖历史记录查询、开户登录免费数据下载官方开奖平台APP discusses how software design needs a ‘tool-driven revolution’ and what makes design teams and technology startups successful.

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Lift and shift Windows applications to containers

Microsoft’s own experience with Microsoft 365 shows that moving to cloud-native is possible, even when you have a lot of code to move.

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Kubescape boosts Kubernetes scanning capabilities

End-to-end open source security platform for Kubernetes has added vulnerability scanning for code repositories and container image registries.

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Microsoft .NET 6 bundled with Ubuntu Linux

Microsoft’s flagship development platform is being made available with Ubuntu 22.04 and Ubuntu Chiseled Containers in a bid to ease .NET development on Linux.

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7 YAML gotchas to avoid—and how to avoid them

YAML is a human-readable configuration file format that is flexible and easy to understand, but fraught with unexpected pitfalls. Here’s how to dodge its most precarious issues.

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Android 13 brings themed app icons, security tweaks

Latest version of the mobile OS allows app icons to tap into theme preferences and introduces more granular security and privacy features.


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Alibaba's OceanBase distributed database aims at markets outside China

The distributed SQL-compatible database, which supports hybrid transactional analytical processing (HTAP), can run on low-specification machines such as Raspberry Pi, the company says.

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How green is cloud computing?

In most cases, cloud computing is greener than traditional data centers. Just how green depends on the details of each individual deployment.

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Why edge computing matters for modern software development

The next stage of cloud computing brings computing power closer to users, paving the way to better user experiences and more intelligent applications.


How SaaS transforms software development

1分钟极速赛车官网开奖历史记录-结果号码查询-手机版168 as a service is not only a better way to deliver software, but a way to build software that better meets your customer’s needs.

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JDK 19: The new features in Java 19

September release will feature structured concurrency, virtual threads, pattern matching for switch expressions, a vector API, and a Linux/RISC-V port.